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Our devoted pandits perform pujas, ceremonies, and rituals at Maha Lakshmi Mandir.



Ravi Doobay


Ravi Doobay From Triump Village, ECD, Son of Rajendra Doobay, Grandson of Pt. Puniram Doobay. Shishya of Pt. Mahendra Doobay. Emigrated to Canada and lived there for 25 years. Then moved to Moved to USA and currently residing in Queens NY.


Thakur R. Tiwari


My Guiding Light from Swami jyotirmayananda:

“Lift your mind to the glorious heights of spiritual life.

There is no wealth greater than contentment.

There is no victory greater than controlling the turbulent mind.

There is no power greater than universal love.

There is no attainment greater than Self-realization.

Even the tiniest step that you take towards Self-realization will never go in vain.

All you need to do is to practise a little Japa, a little prayer, a little meditation, a little reflection, and a little dedicated action.

And, soon you will be climbing the heights of Divine Consciousness!”


For any questions please contact the mandir at (718) 805-4988 to discuss or book an appointment.

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